How do I get military discount at AMC?

How much does it cost to be an AMC Stubs member?

AMC Stubs Insider is free to join, and AMC Stubs Premier is only $15 a year $7.50 for a limited time! Points are earned on the purchase of tickets and concessions.

How much is AMC Stubs monthly? AMC Stubs A-List is a movie theater subscription service that gives you up to three tickets per week. On the same subject : Do you pay booking fee at cinema?. Subscriptions range from $20 to $24 a month, with prices varying by state.

Is the AMC Stubs program free?

AMC Stubs has options for every movie fan. Join AMC Stubs A-List⢠to see up to 3 movies each week with FREE online reservations and our best benefits. Choose Premiere for premium benefits, or join Insider to get started for FREE.

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Do AMC members get discounts?

We are pleased to offer the benefits of Discount Tuesdays to all our AMC Stubs members. This may interest you : Does Harkins do a military discount?.

What are the benefits of being an AMC Stubs member? AMC Stubs members earn points for rewards, a free gift for their birthday, waived online ticket fees, special offers on Tuesdays and much more! Find out more about AMC Stubs and our membership levels here.

How do I get 30% off AMC tickets?

30% off tickets every day It’s always a perfect day for a Discount Matinee! Every day before 4:00 p. Read also : What age is senior at Odeon?.m., save 30% off evening ticket prices at select AMC®, AMC DINE-IN⢠or AMC CLASSIC® theaters nationwide.

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