Has a Disney movie ever won an Oscar?

Was Encanto nominated for an Oscar?

Did Encanto get an Oscar nomination? Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Colombian musical Encanto won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, giving directors Byron Howard and Jared Bush and producers Yvett Merino, the category’s first Latina nominee and winner, and Clark Spencer an Oscar.

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What Oscar nominated movies are on Disney plus?

They include several Disney films that are nominated for Oscars this year, including: This may interest you : Where is Encanto available?.

  • Luca – Animated feature film.
  • Encanto – Animated feature film.
  • Raya and the Last Dragon – Animated feature film.
  • Cruella – Costume Design & Hair & Makeup style
  • Encanto – Music (Original Score) Germaine Franco.

Which Disney films were nominated for Oscars?

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