Does Broadway do military discounts?

Does Metro have military discount?

and bring a government ID with date of birth; for example, a state ID, driver’s license, veteran’s ID or passport, to receive your METRO Card with a 50 percent discount. You cannot order online.

Does Metro do a military discount? For Metro-North, active duty military personnel receive 25% of the one-way station fare. This may interest you : How much savings should I have at 50?.

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Can I share my NYTimes subscription with my wife?

When you share a bonus subscription with a friend or family member, they can access The New York Times with their own login information. To see also : Who is the villain in Encanto?. Your account data, billing information and personal information are not shared with the recipient of your bonus subscription.

Can I share my NYT cookbook? You can purchase a gift subscription at You will only be able to give someone a subscription that they don’t already have. For example, if your friend has a Basic Digital Access subscription, you can give them a New York Times Cooking or New York Times Games gift subscription, and vice versa.

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