Can you take backpacks to the movies?

Can you bring a bag to the movie theater?

To increase the safety and security of our guests and staff: No bags or packages larger than 12″ x 12″ x 6″ will be permitted in the theater. Exception: medical equipment bags and diaper bags.

Can you bring bags to the cinema? bags must fit comfortably under the seat and no, we do not hold luggage or bags. On the same subject : What is the top 10 most watched movie?.

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Can I take a bag into the Odeon cinema?

As long as it doesn’t block any aisles it’s fine 🙂 So the little bags at the Odeon seem fine. To see also : Do Americans say theater or cinema?.

Do movie theaters check backpacks? All types of backpacks and bags are checked prior to entry to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. We recognize that this procedure may cause some discomfort and is not without its flaws, but we hope that these are minor compared to greater safety.”

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