Can I learn French in 3 months?

French is relatively easy to learn but it takes time and effort. As French is closely related to English, I agree with the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​that says French belongs to the easiest group of languages ​​for English speakers to learn. Having so much common vocabulary helps a lot!

Why don t the French pronounce the last letter?

One of these changes is that the last syllable of French words was less and less pronounced historically, which is why today the last letters of French words are often not pronounced. A similar thing happened in English; the silent “e” at the end of words was formerly pronounced.

Do you sometimes pronounce the last letter in French? The basic rule of French pronunciation is that the final consonant is not pronounced, but there are many exceptions. Some consonants are pronounced: -c, -r, -f, -l, -k, -q, and -b. See the article : Why is it le hockey and not l hockey?. You can remember the most recurring ones by recalling the word CaReFuL. Indeed the letters -k, -q and -b are rare at the end of the word.

When did French stop pronouncing last letters?

Between 1300 and 1500, French lost all final consonants before words beginning with a consonant. Then, between 1500 and 1700, French lost the final consonants of words not followed by another word. Much earlier, the final -m of Latin was lost, but this is common to all Western Romance languages.

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What is B2 in French?

B2 – Upper Intermediate or Vantage: At this stage of learning French, a user can: Understand the basic idea of ​​a complex text or technical piece related to his field. See the article : What is the 1st cinema in the world?. Can communicate with a degree of fluency and spontaneity without too many constraints for the learner or native speaker.

Is level B2 fluid? Achieving B2 is generally considered by most people to have basic proficiency. You will have a working vocabulary of around 4000 words. It’s not always easy and it’s not always perfect, but neither you nor your native speaking partners really struggle under most circumstances at this point.

Is B2 a good level of French?

Level B2 corresponds to a more advanced level, more autonomous than the previous levels. A B2 user can communicate easily and spontaneously in a clear and detailed manner. On the same subject : How is CH TI pronounced?. He is not yet an experienced speaker, but a B2 user is able to understand and be understood in most situations.

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