What is the outside of an egg roll?

What is the outside of an egg roll?

They are both made with rice paper (bánh tráng), but spring rolls are crispy and deep-fried (cha gio), while summer rolls are made with raw rice paper wrappers and fresh/cold ingredients (goi cuon). Check out our recipe for Vietnamese Shrimp Summer Rolls!

What is dumpling dough made of?

The dough is usually made from wheat flour, potato starch, corn flour and so on. The filling varies from spicy to sweet and can basically be whatever your heart desires. There are several ways to prepare dumplings. Steaming, frying and boiling.

How do you keep egg rolls from falling apart?
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What are the noodles in Panda Express egg rolls?

Panda Express Chicken Egg Rolls have a crisp-crispy wonton shell filled with meat and vegetables packed with Asian flavor.

Can spring roll wrappers be substituted for egg roll wrappers?
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