How do you peel a coconut?

How do you peel a coconut?

What is the best way to peel coconut?

  • Prick the “eyes” of the coconut. Prick the three eyes with a skewer to find the soft one. †
  • Drain the water. Invert the coconut over a measuring cup or bowl and shake to let the liquid escape. †
  • Break the coconut. †
  • Loosen the meat. †
  • Pry out the meat. †
  • Prepare the coconut meat. †
  • Cut off the tip. †
  • Cut a square in the top.

How do you easily scrape a coconut? Break a coconut into two pieces. Then hold one half with cooking tongs (pakad) over an open fire in a stove. Make sure all sides of the dish are heated evenly. Once properly heated, the meat will quickly separate from the shell.

How do you remove coconut from its shell easily?

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How do you break open a coconut without a hammer?

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