How do you open a coconut without spilling water?

How do you open a coconut without spilling water?

How do you get the water out of a coconut?

  • Step 1 Pierce the ‘eyes’ There are three dark circles in the coconut that resemble finger holes in a bowling ball. …
  • Step 2Drain the coconut water. Hold the coconut upside down over a cup or bowl to drain the water. …
  • Step 3Hit the seam with a hammer. …
  • Step 4Watch Coconut Split Right Open.

How do you open a coconut to drink?

How do you dry the inside of a coconut?

To dry coconut in the oven – place in a single layer on a baking sheet and dry at 60°C/140°F for about an hour. It may take longer depending on your oven. I check mine after 40 minutes, give it a shake and then put it back in the oven. Dehydrated coconut will take less time than larger pieces.

How do you open a mature coconut?
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How do you puncture a coconut?

Step 1: Drill a hole in the top. At one end of the coconut, you will see three dots, which are called coconut eyes. They are soft and easily pierce. Make a hole in two of them with the screwdriver and drain the coconut water.

Comment récupérer la chair d’une noix de coco ? Percer 2 yeux de la noix de coco avec un couteau à lame dure et en extracte tout le jus. Donner des coups secs avec le plat du couteau sur toute le périmètre de la noix de coco. This may interest you : How do you open a coconut without spilling water?. Une fois that la première coque est cassée, vous pourrez in extracte la deuxieme qui contient la chair. Un économe vous aidera à l’éplucher.

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