How do you hollow a coconut without cutting it in half?

How do you hollow a coconut without cutting it in half?

How do you remove coconut from its shell easily?

How to get coconut from the shell without breaking the shell? On top of the coconut are usually the “eyes” where the peel is thinnest. The goal is to make a hole in the eye and drain the fluid from it. To do this, you can use a screwdriver or a large, clean nail and hammer to drive it into the shell. Once you have the holes, simply drain the coconut water into a glass.

Where is coconut originally from?
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How do you open a coconut without spilling water?

  • Step 1 Pierce the ‘eyes’ There are three dark circles on the coconut, reminiscent of finger holes on a bowling ball. …
  • Step 2 Drain the coconut water. Hold the coconut upside down over a glass or bowl to drain the water. …
  • Step 3 Hit the seam with a hammer. …
  • Step 4 See the coconut split right open.

How to open a stubborn coconut? Heating the coconut in the oven softens it enough that you can just hit it against a hard surface to split it. Read also : How do you open a coconut shell at home?. If you do not have access to the oven, you can open the coconut with a simple hammer or mallet.

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