What are the two formulas for volume?

What is a volume in math?

Every three-dimensional object occupies space. This area is measured by volume. Volume is defined as the space held within the boundaries of a three-dimensional object. Also known as object power.

What is the volume and model? Volume is a measure of the capacity an object holds. For example, if a cup can hold 100 ml of water to the brim, its volume is expressed as 100 ml. On the same subject : WHAT IS A in French?. Volume can also be defined as the amount of space occupied by a 3-dimensional object.

What is volume simple answer?

Volume is the amount of three-dimensional space occupied by a liquid, solid, or gas. Common units used to express volume include the liter, cubic meter, gallon, milliliter, teaspoon, and ounce, although many other units exist.

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How do you find volume example?

How do you calculate sample volume? To find the volume of the box, simply multiply the length, width, and height and you’re good to go! For example, if the box is 5 × 7 × 2 cm, then the volume of the box is 70 cubic centimeters. This may interest you : How do you calculate volume to weight?.

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