How to Why can’t I make a new folder on Windows 11?

Comment envoyer un fichier par câble ?

Option 2: Déplacer des fichiers à l’aide d’un USB cable

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Connect your phone and select the ordinateur for the auxiliary USB cable.
  • On your phone, access the notification & quot; USB charging device & quot ;.
  • Sous & quot; Utilize the USB connection for & quot ;, selectionnez Transfert de fichiers.

How to transfer files between two devices via USB cable? Insert an extremity of the cable in the USB port of the controller 1, and the other extremity in the USB port of the controller 2. Note that the two devices are reconnaissance of the USB cable. Cela devrait egalement permettre de lancer an assistant d’installation.

Comment transférer des fichiers entre deux ordinateurs par wifi ?

To commencer, open the configuration panel and click on the center of the restaurant and parquet. In the next dialog box, click Configure a new connection. A new window. Make it clear if you want to use the Configure option without a file at all.

How to transfer files in wifi? Select a file or a photo to add to the Partage icon. In the list of options, click Wi-Fi Shoot. The application will open and you will be able to select the device to read your file. Authorize the exchange of the second device.

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