How to Which is the program that runs first when computer is started?

How does a program work?

A program just tells the computer how to accept a type of input, manipulate that input, and spit it out again in a form that humans find useful. Table 1 lists some common types of programs, the types of input they accept, and the output they produce.

What are the stages of a program? Stages of the program development process

  • Problem definition.
  • Program design.
  • Coding.
  • Debug.
  • Test.
  • Documentation.
  • Maintenance.

What is the term for a program that has been loaded and is executing?

Key points A process is the instance of a computer program that is executed. Contains the program code and its activity. A process can consist of multiple execution threads that execute instructions at the same time. The running program is called a process.

What is it loading into the operating system? Loading a program involves reading the contents of the executable file containing the program instructions into memory and then performing other preparatory tasks necessary to prepare the executable for execution.

When a program is loaded into memory and it becomes a process?

When a program is loaded into memory and becomes a process, it can be divided into four sections: stack, heap, text, and data.

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