How to What does the Files app look like?

What is Samsung My Files app?

About this app & quot; My Files & quot; Manages all the files on your smartphone, just like File Explorer on your computer. You can also manage files stored on SD cards, USB drives and files in the cloud storage at the same time with your smartphone.

What does the app do My Files? Use Google files to free up space on your device and browse and share your files. Google files work on Android version 5.0 and above. If you do not have the app, you can download it from the Play Store.

How do I find the files and folders on my iPhone?

Browse in open files and folders Tap on browsers at the bottom of the screen, then tap on an item on the browse screen. If you do not see the Browse screen, tap on Browsing again. To view recently opened files, tap Recent at the bottom of the screen. To open a file, location or folder, type it.

Why can’t I find files on my iPhone? If you do not see the files app on your home screen or dock, then you may have accidentally deleted it. To reinstall the files app, just search for files on the App Store and tap on the cloud icon to get it installed. Then you should find it directly on the home screen.

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