How to What does holding the power button for 30 seconds do?

How do I hard reset my HP?

Shut down the computer, and then unplug the power cable. Disconnect all peripheral devices, and then remove the computer from any port replicators or docking stations. Remove the battery from the computer. With the battery and power cord unplugged, press and hold the power button for about 15 seconds.

How do I factory reset my Windows 7 HP laptop with CD?

How do I restore my HP Pavilion G series to factory settings?

Try pressing the Esc key repeatedly while rebooting, and when the HP boot menu appears, select the option to do a reboot. IF this works, and it may take 2-3 hours, then when you finally reboot it will go back to the initial settings.

How do I force my HP laptop to turn on?

Hold down the power button for about 30 seconds. Connect the power supply (power adapter). Press the power button to turn on your laptop.

How do I fix my HP computer that won’t boot? Resetting your HP computer and reinstalling the operating system could also be a great way to resolve software issues. Simply hold Esc after restarting your computer to get to the boot menu, then press F11 for System Recovery options. You can then choose to restart your computer there.

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