How to What are the precautions to be taken while repairing the computer?

CCleaner: cleans Internet browsing traces and unnecessary system files. Multifunctional, CCleaner is the Swiss army knife of PC cleaning and optimization.

Comment effacer toutes les données d’un ordinateur ?

Go to Settings then Update & Security. In the left menu, click on Recovery then Reset this PC. The operation takes about 45 minutes. When it’s done, your files, apps, and settings are uninstalled and a fresh version of Windows is reinstalled.

Comment mettre à 0 un disque dur ?

Erase a disk (hard drive, SSD, USB drive) on Windows

  • Open the DiskPart disk utility by entering diskpart in the Run command or in a command prompt.
  • Identify the number of the disk to be erased: …
  • Select disk (replace X with disk number): …
  • Format the disk:

How to format a hard drive completely? Formatting or reformatting a disk, a partition, a storage device, is elementary, using the Windows utility: In the Windows file manager, just right click on the unit to (re)format, and choose “trainer” from the list.

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