How to Is it safe to repair a laptop?

What is most important for a technician to do before working on a computer?

Make sure your computer is virus-free. Remove all cables except the power cord. Answers Explanation & amp; Tips: Before working on the equipment, remove all watches or other jewelry and attach loose items such as ties and name badges.

What should a technician do first? What should a technician do before starting any troubleshooting steps on the customer’s computer?

  • Back up your data.
  • Document the results.
  • Identify the problem.
  • Establish an action plan. Explanation:

What should the technician do?

A technician is a qualified employee who repairs, installs, replaces, and provides service on various types of equipment and systems. Each day, a technician spends time tackling different tasks, depending on the problem, such as analyzing problems, running tests, and repairing equipment.

Can Apple repair access my data?

No, your data is not safe. You may lose all data during the repair. You should always create a data backup and administrator account before leaving your computer for repair.

Does Apple Repair examine your data? While service technicians won’t necessarily erase your data, you never know what types of repairs they might require them to do (or replace the drive). Back up your data, preferably to multiple locations. Update your device. This step isn’t exactly “necessary,” but Apple recommends it.

Does Apple keep data private?

All your data is encrypted and accessible only with your passcode, Touch ID or Face ID.

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