How to How do I save files to a folder?

How do I put documents into a folder on a Mac?

Move items to folders

  • On your Mac, click the Finder icon in the Dock to open a Finder window.
  • Do one of the following: Put an item in a folder: Drag it to the folder. Put several items in a folder: Select the items, then drag one of the items into the folder. All selected items are moved to the folder.

Is there a Documents folder on Mac? The easiest way to access the Documents folder is from the Favorites section in the left sidebar in Finder. However, if your Documents folder does not appear in the Favorites section, you can find it under the iCloud section.

What is document and folder?

The My Documents folder is a component of the user profile that is used as a unified location to store personal data. By default, the My Documents folder is a folder in the user profile that is used as the default storage location for saved documents.

What do you mean by cartel? Definition of folder 1: the one that folds. 2: a folded printed circular. 3rd: a folded cover or a large envelope for holding or archiving loose cards. b: an organization element of a computer’s operating system used to group files or other folders.

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