How to How do I put files into a folder on my laptop?

How do I save a folder to my desktop?

Browse to the file or folder on your computer. Right-click the file or folder and a menu will appear. Left-click the Desktop item (create shortcut) in the list. This action creates a desktop shortcut to the file or folder on your desktop.

How do you save a file to your desktop?

How do I move files without copying?

To move a file, hold down Shift while dragging. You can also drag files with the middle mouse button. In this case, gThumb will ask you if you want to copy the files, move them, or cancel the operation. Select the files to transfer, right-click the selection and choose Copy to… or Move to….

How do I move a file instead of copying it? To copy a file to another folder, simply drag the file (while holding down the left mouse button) to the target folder visible in the folder tree. To move a file, hold down Shift while dragging.

Why do my files copy instead of move?

When you drag and drop files between drives, they are copied instead of actually moving them. The source disk contains a copy of the file and the destination disk contains another copy of it.

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