How to How do I enable scrolling on my Magic Mouse Windows 10?

Why my mouse scroll is not working?

When the mouse does not move, there are two problems that most often cause it. The first is dust and dirt that causes mechanical problems with the mouse wheel. Another problem is low battery in wireless mice.

How do I restore my mouse scroll? How to fix a mouse wheel

  • Disconnect the mouse from the computer. …
  • Use your index finger and thumb to lift the scroll wheel out of its tray. …
  • Remove any debris you find trapped in the drawer. …
  • Return the scroll wheel (and the printed circuit board, if necessary) back to the mouse. …
  • Check your scroll wheel.

How do I get my Apple mouse scroll to work on my PC?

Connect your Magic Mouse to Windows To make your Apple Magic Mouse work on Windows, first pair it as a Bluetooth device. After Bluetooth pairing, the Magic Mouse “just works” as a base mouse. You can move the mouse pointer and click left or right.

How do you scroll the mouse on the computer? To move up or down through the pages on the screen, move the mouse pointer to the scroll bar on the right. Click and hold the thumb of the scroll bar, then move the mouse forward or backward over the mouse pad to scroll up or down the screen.

Can I use an Apple mouse with a Windows computer?

The only free solution for using the Magic Mouse on a Windows computer is their original Magic Mouse Driver which is available at: Visit Apple’s download page. Look for boot camp support software. Select the latest software version.

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